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A simple but nifty inequality

Problem: Given $f:[0,1] \to \mathbb{R}$ is integrable over $[0,1]$, and that $$\int_0^1 dx \, f(x) = \int_0^1 dx \, x f(x) = 1$$ show that $$\int_0^1 dx \, f(x)^2 \ge 4$$ The way to the solution here is not trivial. I started by always recognizing that, with integral inequalities, it never hurts to start with […]

Another crazy integral, another clinic on using the Residue Theorem

The problem posed here is to show that $$ \int_0^{\infty} dx \, \frac{\coth^2{x}-1}{\displaystyle (\coth{x}-x)^2+\frac{\pi^2}{4}} = \frac{4}{5} $$ The OP actually seemed to know what he was doing but could not get the correct residue that would allow him to get the stated result. In showing a link to Wolfram Alpha, the OP revealed that he […]